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Kings of Quality. Why our
wraps reign supreme.

What most of our clients don’t know before purchasing a vehicle wrap, is that the lifespan and quality of your wrap is completely dependant on the skill of your installer.

As Victoria’s most prestigious wrap shop, our installers are hands down the most experienced and qualified. Curious about how we work? We invite all of our clients to come into our shop before purchasing so you can see first hand the quality and craftsmanship that go into our wraps.

Color Change Wraps Victoria

Certified Vehicle Wrap Installers Victoria

Victoria's only certified
vehicle wrap installers

Every wrap shop will claim they deliver the best quality, but how can you actually determine that without finding out the hard way?

Our installers are 3M Certified. Meaning they have passed a lengthy and challenging exam by 3M, the industries leading vinyl manufacturer. This ensures that the installers working on your vehicle have demonstrated they have the skills, knowledge and experience to wrap vehicles at the highest level.

A look at our process, watch us wrap.

Watch as our team tackles this Red Chrome wrap on an F430 Ferrari. Chrome wraps are one of the hardest wraps to pull off as the installation team must be extremely experienced to pull off a flawless installation.

We go deep on this brushed tesla. One of the challenges with brushed films is ensuring a grain alignment on panels as only allowing for 4% – 6% stretch on panels to avoid any issues with the grain.

Award Winning Wraps.

We don’t just claim quality, we also have the awards and reputation to back it up. One of our wraps was the feature of an article in Sign Builder Illustrated magazine for its unique design and pushing the limits of what’s possible with vinyl.

Award winning wraps victoria

Vehicle Wrap color options

Colors and finishes
are limitless.

Want a basic matte black? Not a problem. Want to go extreme with color shift vinyl? You got it. The choices and finishes in todays’ modern color change vinyls mean you have unlimited choice.

We carry every matte, satin, gloss and speciality finish vinyl from all of the leading Vinyl manufacturers. We also have exclusive access to unique colors and finishes not available at other shops.

We invite you to come to our showroom and explore all of our selection. While you’re here take a look at the projects, we are currently wrapping so you can see first hand the quality for which we’re famous.