Marine & Boat Wraps

It's all in the Preperation

Boat wraps require even more care and attention compared to a vehicle wrap. Even the slightest imperfection can lead to a massive failure when you are out on the water and the wrap is exposed to pounding waves.

We’ve perfected the preparation process to ensure that our wraps bond properly to almost any surface. We’re often times called in to re-wrap a boat that has been improperly prepped. This results in wrap failure that needs to be re-done.

We work closely with local OEM boat manufacturers to deliver wraps for almost every type of boat. From Aluminium boat wraps, to gel-coat and fibreglass, we can wrap any type of surface. Wraps are also a great and cost effective alternative to painting your boat.

Boat Wraps in Victoria

Boat Wraps in Victoria

Victoria's only certified
Boat Wrap Installers

Most company’s have little experience wrapping cars, let alone boats. With something as high consequence as a boat wrap, you want trained and certified installers working on your boat.

Our installers are 3M certified, meaning they have passed a rigorous exam and testing process from 3M, the industries leading vinyl manufacturer. This certification means our installers have proven skills, knowledge
and experience to install your wrap perfectly each and every time.

Unlimited Colors,
Unlimited Choice

We offer 1000’s of precast colors to choose from. Ranging from deep glossy metallics to satin pearl finishes, we have a color that is perfect for your boat.

We can also design and digitally print our boat wraps as well. If you have a commercial fishing boat or just want something unique this custom design option is the way to go.

Color choices for boats

A great alternative to painting your boat!

Painting a boat is often an expensive process. From costly dry dock time, to expensive preparation. With wrapping we can wrap your boat on your trailer in just as little as a day. There are lots of reasons to wrap your boat instead of painting it. Here’s what you need to know.

  • A much faster process compared to painting. There is no cure time and we can have many boats wrapped in as little as a day
  • Cleaning is as easy as soap and water. No polishing or spot cleaning is necessary.
  • Similar longevity compared to paint (will not fade as quickly as paint). In North America wraps can last from 5 to 7 Years depending on up keep.
  • Wrap Damage can be fixed with patches, helping alleviate costly paint matching,
  • When you’re ready for a change, removing the wrap is as easy as heating and removing it.